Photo Credit: Emily Large Photography

My darling and I have lived an eternity in the 14 years since we’ve been married. Immigration (me) to the United States. A cross-country move from MI to TX. Two littles who bring joy and laughter into our lives. And a life-altering diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis six months after we married.

As a family, we have learned so much, and laughed so much, and cried so much, and lived so much in the last 14 years.

As a wife, mother, and caregiver – I have had access to support, resources, and learning opportunities that have helped improve the quality of our lives. As a strategic healthcare writer for a large, multispecialty group practice, I have had the ability to connect with healthcare and insurance experts who have helped me shape my understanding of the unique circumstances involved in caregiving.

My only hope for this blog is that others who face similar challenges, who are in it to fight this fight, are helped even a little by this diary.

❤ R.