My Father’s Day Wish

On Father’s Day, and on every milestone or holiday, I have only one wish, one hope. I hope that my husband will be restored to his former self. Before Multiple Sclerosis reared its ugly head. I love him as he is now, however I know that it what he longs for, and we all long for him to live without the difficulties caused by MS.

I’m convinced that this is the wish most caregivers feel on a milestone or holiday.

Every holiday, every anniversary, every birthday, every milestone, while joyful and worthy of celebration, is still tinged with a bitterness that is never fully gone.

For some caregivers, especially those whose darling is on hospice care, may question whether this will be the last celebration they have together. That’s a difficult pill to swallow.

The loving support of empathetic family and friends is how caregivers get through days like these with a smile on their face. Sometimes we need our network to carry us, to help us remember that the rosy moments are worth celebrating, and that despite the looming sadness and challenges, the present day is the only one that matters in the moment.

But still, I hope for a miracle – and I always will.

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