Why We Celebrate Every Trip Around the Sun

To say that the holidays were a roller coaster of overwhelmingly wonderful busy-ness is an understatement.

We hosted thanksgiving, which was followed by a series of “hosting” for the holidays. My wonderful parents visited with us from mid-December to mid-January and my brother, his wife, and their perfectly perfect 1-year old son visited for a week over Christmas.

And now, it’s finally the new year and we’re so far into the new year that today is my darling’s birthday. Forty-two years is nothing to scoff at – and yet there is so much more life to be lived.

Birthdays for us – well me – are especially important and I try very hard to make each celebration worthy of remembrance. When someone you love is courageously battling a long-term illness, it’s these milestone moments that you look forward to, and celebrate with intention.

Even those of us who are well never really know when we will be robbed of these moments and I want us – our children especially – to have these memories for moments when we are struggling with milestones of losses that have the potential to steal joy.

So tonight, we’ll celebrate with a special meal and an even more special dessert, we’ll make merry and celebrate my darling husband who faces every day with a determination unrivaled by anyone I have ever met.

And tomorrow we will wake up, another day older and wiser, and work toward the next milestone on our very long list.

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