A writer with no words

Nothing is more difficult than sitting and waiting. And yet, here we are. The whole lot of us.

Our family has lived through two named hurricanes making landfall in our region and several other tropical storms, and most “Third Coasters” will tell you that the anxiety that builds up in advance of the storm is sometimes worse than the actual storm itself.

Could the same be true in a world-wide pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over 100 years? I have no words, because there is no answer. I have no words, but I have all of the anxiety.

These are unprecedented times, and I have no words.

I have no words because I’m still trying to process everything happening around us. I have no words because I may never be able to process the calamity COVID-19 has wreaked across the earth. I have no words because that is a normal response to a traumatic experience.

I have no words but to say, Lord have mercy. Because these are the only words my mind and my heart can agree upon.

Everything I could write about is irrelevant. Now is the time to hunker down – and when things start looking up, I’ll write again.

Until then – be safe. ❤

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